Is it September already? The summer has come and gone; though it’s been stiflingly hot, I preemptively miss the warmth as I’m sure the cold will rush in before I’m prepared to meet it.

The good news is that the new session space will be ready in about two weeks. As you might imagine, I am ecstatic. It will be a cozy apartment setting, instead of a traditional dungeon. For those of you who want dark devices and a foreboding ambiance, we’ll still meet at the commercial spaces but for my clients who want the emotional and psychological experiences that I specialize in, this will be perfect.

Now for my schedule, I can accommodate appointments that finish before 5pm on weekdays. Saturdays, I have intermittent availability so please email or call me directly. Sundays I have a standing engagement from 2-6:30pm.

Schedule accordingly.

Any queries or insights, please email me.




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