My shiny new toys!

Brand new bicycle! My new toy. New boots.My new gifts. Pretty little things.My little bare foot.

I wanted to show off my pretty gifts! I got a new bike two weeks ago from a client who is very dear to me and I’ve been using it to zip all over town. You can see in the photos that I have red Tiger Onitsuka Asics that match.

Then, I got a beautiful pair of cold-weather boots by Sorel, in white with red accents, from someone quite new: I’m certain we’ll be getting on swimmingly. I’ve wanted these boots for so long and I finally have them! They are adorable and comfortable and now I’m the envy of everyone, obviously.

Next, this very new someone also bought for me this beautiful pasta machine by Atlas. I’ll be having scrumptious pasta dishes from this machine, paired with fresh sauce and basil from my little basil plant sitting in the window.

This is the perfect way to set the mood for my holiday, I am over the moon. The last photo is a little something extra because I am so very, very happy.