Phone Stolen

My phone was stolen and though it was password protected, it has most certainly been — at the very least — cannibalized for parts. If you have been trying to contact me by calling, I wasn’t ignoring you, I simply could not receive your call.

If you have been texting or e-mailing me, I can respond easily as those are channeled through my e-mail address.

Again, for the time being, please limit your attempts to contact me to text or e-mail. I cannot receive calls. I will keep you posted as to when I get a new phone.




I’ve been so busy lately that I’ve neglected my blog. I mean to be more present but it’s been difficult when I am away from my computer so often.

I’ve lost my phone and I’ve been slow to replace it. The new Samsung Galaxy S4 debuts at this month’s end I should like to consider my options then.

I am planning on a couple of out-of-town trips in the next three months. I’ll be gone for about a week or two at a time. I’ll post exact dates when I’ve set my schedule.