Vacation time

I’ll be out of town from Dec. 18-28th.



I’m currently in the mood to shop. I want a slave to take me and buy me a bauble or two or ten. I’ll use up your money and I’ll laugh while you struggle under the weight of my shopping bags. I’m feeling all warm and bubbly just thinking about it…

Breaking News!


To my dearest clients, I am no longer at my (now) former place of employment which has gone out of business and I could not be more pleased.

If you have sessioned with me before, please e-mail me immediately for further details.




Week of November 5th

My schedule is now open, don’t be shy. E-mail me for booking.

Now that this ugliness of the storm is over, we can get back to business. I’ve added a new section for my financial submissives only as there must be a special place for my favorite kind of play.

As a special note, I am announcing this here so that I won’t have to in e-mail: I do not distribute images of my face. You are looking for a swift end to our communication if you ask. I also do not accommodate requests for extra photos beyond what I’ve graciously provided here or on my advertisements. Don’t be stupid.