Week of October 29 and NEW CONTENT

Monday is bracing for the impending storm so I’ll be conservative and suspend sessions for the day. However, the rest of my week is open. Thursday and Friday are filling up quickly so please e-mail me as soon as you can.

And please look to my new section, ‘Session Info,’ for rates — I get so many questions, I thought it might be best to post them here.




Phone Sessions

Hi out there,

I have been occupied on the phone all day — I wonder how many of you would want to do phone sessions with me?

Hello, out there.

Hi there, welcome to my temporary site. My permanent site http://www.alafemme.com is gestating right now and it will be ready to greet the world in a short while. In the interim, I’ve set this intermediary site so that you can browse photos, keep abreast of my comings and goings and keep in contact with me.

In the gallery, you can see some images from my most recent photo shoot with my best girlfriend, Mistress Autumn. And I’ll be posting photos from my upcoming photo shoot as soon as I can.

I welcome you to peruse the site, ask me questions and send me feedback at wickedlittlebailey@gmail.com.