Totally gross.

I trust you’ve all seen the useless ponce who’s been emailing me from my two previous posts. Might we all take a moment and begrudgingly linger on this baby-penised fraction of a man?

This cretin has assaulted my person by sending, unsolicited, pictures of his crooked clown dick and his poor, oblivious wife. Why he thinks they would do anything but induce violent retching is an impenetrable mystery. I’ve spent most of the evening suppressing my sick but mentioning him again is nauseating me.

Pardon me while I forcibly discharge everything from my stomach.

He looks like something rejected through a jungle monkey’s ass end. Just having this greasy worm-turd keep contacting me is making my vagina close up.

He needs to be neutered.


It’s ok to laugh. I haven’t stopped laughing at him since he first emailed me.



A sickening creature, no?


Look at this worm. Does everyone see him? See how his lips part so desperately for that ogre foot?

Won’t it be fun to see his face? I’m going to reveal this wretch’s identity tomorrow. The idea of him is making me feel vomitous, I’ll bet he smells like low tide. He claims he’s married and has children! Can you imagine what kind of shameful, crawling existence that must be to know that you were dribbled out of this quivering mass of garbage?

Little by little, I’m going to show his face so you can all see the shit stain who dared email me.




Is it September already? The summer has come and gone; though it’s been stiflingly hot, I preemptively miss the warmth as I’m sure the cold will rush in before I’m prepared to meet it.

The good news is that the new session space will be ready in about two weeks. As you might imagine, I am ecstatic. It will be a cozy apartment setting, instead of a traditional dungeon. For those of you who want dark devices and a foreboding ambiance, we’ll still meet at the commercial spaces but for my clients who want the emotional and psychological experiences that I specialize in, this will be perfect.

Now for my schedule, I can accommodate appointments that finish before 5pm on weekdays. Saturdays, I have intermittent availability so please email or call me directly. Sundays I have a standing engagement from 2-6:30pm.

Schedule accordingly.

Any queries or insights, please email me.



New space

In a few weeks, I will begin hosting sessions out of a brand new private location in Chelsea. For those of you craving a non-commercial space, this is it. I cannot wait to show everyone the beautiful, clean, discreet little gem I’ll be sessioning from.

I wonder, what would your ideal session space look like?



Back from my trip.

I’m doing well in this nearly unbearable heat — I lounge and do as I please. I hope you haven’t dissolved or melted away. I’ve been back for a a couple of weeks and already I want to jet off again to somewhere tropical.


My shiny new toys!

Brand new bicycle! My new toy. New boots.My new gifts. Pretty little things.My little bare foot.

I wanted to show off my pretty gifts! I got a new bike two weeks ago from a client who is very dear to me and I’ve been using it to zip all over town. You can see in the photos that I have red Tiger Onitsuka Asics that match.

Then, I got a beautiful pair of cold-weather boots by Sorel, in white with red accents, from someone quite new: I’m certain we’ll be getting on swimmingly. I’ve wanted these boots for so long and I finally have them! They are adorable and comfortable and now I’m the envy of everyone, obviously.

Next, this very new someone also bought for me this beautiful pasta machine by Atlas. I’ll be having scrumptious pasta dishes from this machine, paired with fresh sauce and basil from my little basil plant sitting in the window.

This is the perfect way to set the mood for my holiday, I am over the moon. The last photo is a little something extra because I am so very, very happy.